Educators' Toolbox

Welcome to the EDUCATORS' TOOLBOX.

In our new reality, physical settings and routines have required a greater use of technology beyond the walls of our classrooms. The Educators' Toolbox will evolve in response to the fluid teaching and learning needs of our community. We have some changes and challenges to welcome.

What is the Educators' Toolbox?

Dr. Randy Labonte - CEO of the Canadian eLearning Network (CANeLearn) and Dr. Michael Canuel - CEO LEARN, provide an overview of the Educators' Toolbox website. [12m29s]

What you will find on the site:

Making the Shift to Teaching and Learning Online Series: 3 webinars with archived recordings

Tools and Platforms: Pros and Cons of Synchronous (real-time) and Asynchronous (virtual-time), with resources for Zoom, Teams, Meet, Skype, Classroom, O365

Webinars and Livestream - Archive of recent LEARN webinars Livestreams

From our English School Boards: Resources from Quebec's Anglophone Network, representing both Youth and Adult Education sectors

Supporting Students and Families: Mental Health and Well-Being Resources with regards to trauma, resilience, crisis, and behavior management, while nurturing a positive school climate.

Resources: In response to the sudden transition to learning at home, put out by LEARN Quebec, the Ministry of Education, and our community of partners.