Making the Shift to
Online Teaching and Learning

Teachers now find themselves forced to teach remotely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The internet is full of ideas, resources, posts, and advice on what to do. We are experiencing emergency remote teaching, not a "switch" to online learning (for a further discussion see this Educause post).

Schools and boards are doing their best to provide direction for teachers, but advice varies. Teachers, parents, and students face uncertainty and challenge unimagined. Teacher training and professional development never envisioned this "new normal" and everyone is yearning for a quick fix.

Comprehensive training and experience are required to become effective at creating engaging online learning experiences for students. Online worksheets, content, and resources are only a beginning - structuring and supporting learners at a distance is a complex and dynamic enterprise.

Check out the June 15 webinar. Join the LEARN team as we explore the ways and means to help build your success in creating effective online student engagement and learning.

Participant questions will be compiled from the webinar chat and organized by moderators. Participants can view the compiled Q&A at the following address

Moving classes and meetings online is a new challenge for many. Beyond communications, building connections and relationships within the school staff team, in classes, and with families will make these new challenges easier to face together.

Taking the time to connect with students, setting consistent expectations and letting them get to know you and vice versa, is necessary and worth the effort.

View our resources and join us on June 17th from 3:00-4:00pm when we come together to share some strategies for connecting and planning effectively at a distance.

Given our latest reality, using digital content is the most effective way to reach your students without doubling up on your efforts (in both face to face & online settings) .

Structuring content in bite sized, reusable chunks ensures flexibility… that can be used in a multitude of learning scenarios.

Using the tools, tips and tricks of some of our most experienced online teachers will hopefully provide some support and direction, in transitioning your course and learning activities online to a more blended model for all learners.

Making the Shift to Online Teaching and Learning: Promotion and Launch Video

Dr. Randy Labonte (CEO CANeLearn) and Dr. Michael Canuel (CEO LEARN) introduce this 3-part series of webinars. [7m53s]

Making the Shift to Online Teaching and Learning: Series Wrap-up and Synopsis

Dr. Randy Labonte (CEO CANeLearn) and Dr. Michael Canuel (CEO LEARN) provide a synopsis of this 3-part series of webinars. [13m34s]