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Graspable Math Webinar

Archived Webinar with Audrey McLaren online on June 3rd, 2020.

Graspable Math is an online tool that enables students to experiment with math and algebra in a whole new way. In this video, Audrey McLaren, an online Math teacher at LEARN explains how she uses this tool with her students.

Here are the practice links used in the webinar:

Français Langue Seconde

Rendez-vous virtuels en FLS! Comment s’outiller pour enseigner le français, langue seconde en ligne?

LEARN, LBPSB et le RÉCIT de la communauté anglophone vous invitent à un rendez-vous virtuel avec Shawn Lefebvre, enseignant en immersion française à Foothill School Division en Alberta.

Dans le cadre de cette conversation virtuelle, il partagera avec vous ses succès, ses erreurs, mais surtout ses apprentissages qui lui ont permis de développer sa confiance en tant que nouvel enseignant en ligne. Ce rendez-vous virtuel sera également l’occasion pour chaque participant d’échanger leurs expériences et leurs questions.

LEARN's Open Creative Space

LEARN's OCS website has resources and activities you can apply in synchronous or asynchronous learning situations. You will find everything from professional development opportunities, to conferences, and even STEAM challenges.

OCS Livestream and Archive

In order to meet the challenge of social distancing, LEARN Quebec is bringing the Open Creative Space days to you via the interweb. Every Thursday at 1:00 EST, we will broadcast a Youtube livestream. These 30 minute sessions are recorded and archived so you can catch them outside of class time. You can find the OCS sessions and other playlists on the LEARN Youtube Channel


In this episode we look at creating musical instruments (aka noise makers) with everyday household items.


In this episode we look at creating a chain reaction, using simple machines made from item we find laying around the confines of our homes.


In this episode we look at making objects that spin, using resources found in our homes. Learn about the science and symmetry required to make a spinner.


In this episode we look at Newton’s 1st law – “objects at rest stay at rest, objects in motion stay in motion”. We also explore design objects or structures that affect a force on an object, the use of measuring instruments., the technological design process, Mathematics, units of measurement for length and angle, along with probability and distribution


In this episode we look at telling stories and how to create the artifacts that represent the city or the country where stories get told.


#LightUpOurDays is a huge theme in STEAM education. The ideas explore how to use light and shadow to create unique forms of art and expression…

Educators can use these resources to inspire their students to play with light and shadows all the while creating amazing artifacts of their learning.


Hey Educators… Our final Live Stream of this school year explores cardboard in all its grandeur. The Ped Team explored techniques, ideas, and integration possibilities both for Online and F2F learners.

LEARN's ShiftED Podcast Series

In conversation with various educators. This podcast series brings you into real classroom situations as Educators chat informally about life in the classroom.

ShiftED Podcast 1: Transitioning your elementary class online.

Today I interviewed Jennifer Oner of Westmount Park Elementary school of the English Montreal School Board. We discussed transitioning from F2F teaching to Online.

Listen to Jennifer's responses to the following questions. What are some challenges? What does 'a day in the life' look like in your virtual classroom? How do you pace your lessons? What kind of support are you getting from the School Board? What physical tools do you have in the set-up for your class? What is your online set-up? What kind of digital management system are you using to communicate with young learners and their parents? What advice do you have for teachers who are just starting to take their class online?

ShiftED Podcast 2: Transitioning grade 4/5 online

In this episode we talk with a grade 4/5 teacher from Lester B. Pearson School Board from Edgewater Elementary, Daphne Amster. We caught up on her transition from F2F to online…

ShiftED Podcast 3: Conversation with Principal Chris Morgan Butler Elementary ETSB

Today I had a great conversation with Chris Morgan the principal of Butler Elementary of the Eastern Townships School Board. We talked about how principals have been dealing with health and safety issues surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as Butler’s reopening experience.

ShiftED Podcast 4: In Conversation with SWLSB Pedagogical Consultants

LEARN reached out to a couple of pedagogical consultants, Tim Foreman and Ron Turchyniak whose dossiers are to get teachers and staff at Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board (SWLSB) comfortable with integrating educational technologies into their classrooms. All this changed in March. Their jobs became all the more crucial as teachers shifted from classroom to online teaching amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. It is safe to say that Tim and Ron's time was essential in getting educators online, and comfortable with using tech tools that would facilitate this shift in practice. Countless professional development sessions later, LEARN caught up with these two rock stars to chat about this transformational shift and how they we faring in this new "normal."

ShiftED Podcast 5: In Conversation with Teacher Russell Dennis (Cycle 3 elementary)

LEARN caught up with Russell Dennis, a Cycle 3 Elementary teacher at Dr. Wilbert Keon School, in Chapeau, part of the Western Quebec School Board. He shared his experiences teaching his small school, which houses both elementary and secondary students in northern Quebec, and how it has fared during the pandemic. We discussed the challenges of online teaching, how to engage students virtually and what the future holds for education come August 31st, 2020. Great chat!

ShiftED Podcast 6: In Conversation with Teacher Jeremy Wouda (High School)

A Conversation with Jeremy Wouda, teacher at Philemon Wright HS, WQSB. This discussion includes the transition from Face-to-face, to online teaching.