Module 2


Encouraging Online Communication & Connections with Staff and Students

Before the classes start, before the work begins, clear communications involving school staff and including parents and students, are important to setting up the organization and culture for a successful year. When planning for online or blended learning classes, this is crucial.

Webinar Live Stream: Module 2

Moving Forward: Encouraging Online Communication & Connections with Staff and Students

Wednesday June 17th 2020 at 3:00-4:00 EST

Target Audience: Elementary and Secondary Educators

Moving classes and meetings online is a new challenge for many. Beyond communications, building connections and relationships within the school staff team, in classes, and with families will make these new challenges easier to face together. Taking the time to connect with students, setting consistent expectations and letting them get to know you and vice versa, is necessary and worth the effort.

Join us when we come together to share some strategies for connecting and planning effectively at a distance.

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Archived Recording of this Session

Recording of Module 2 - Moving Forward: Encouraging Online Communication & Connections with Staff and Students

Webinar Resources:

Audrey McLaren talks about communication strategies with online students. (1m 36s)

Peggy Drolet talks about 'getting to know you' activities and discusses how a virtual class forum can be similar to the school cafeteria or student lounge, as a place for students to socialize (1m 01s).

Kerry Cule highlights the top 3 skills needed to be a successful online learner:

1. Motivation 2. Organization 3. Communication...NOT tech skills!!! (1m 10s)

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Twitter in our classes:

Instant Messaging:


  • Engage your students in and out of the classroom, with interactive study material, learning activities and games.


  • See all your students working and give high-quality feedback–from anywhere.

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